Sensei CBD Oil used for pain relief, treating insomnia and stress

Research indicates that many of the problems faced by people like chronic pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep is related to the endocanniboid system of the human body. Due to the lack of proper nutrient the endocanniboid system may malfunction resulting in health problems. Many people have read information or watched television shows where experts have claimed that consuming cannabidiol (CBD) oil regularly can help alleviate the pain to a very large extent. However, since cbd oil is only a health supplement, the quality of the oil available is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Hence there are many suppliers of cbi oil which is not very effective in alleviating the health problems.

Hence to avoid wasting time and money on low quality cbd oil, it is advisable to purchase cbd oil from a reputed supplier like This cbd oil is a full spectrum oil tincture with contains other ingredients like CBG, CBN and CBC which also have health benefits. The Cbd oil is derived from help grown organic in Kentucky in family owned farms. The cbd oil is non-GMO and is extremely pure. Since the THC content in the CBD oil is less than 0.03%, the CBD oil is legal and not addictive in all the fifty states in the United States. The oil is cold pressed and vegan.


Many people who are suffering from chronic pain due to cancer, arthritis or other health problems, find that the CBD oil is very effective in alleviating the pain. It is also safer to use cbd oil for treating pain compared to pharmaceuticals, which usually have side effects or are addictive. The cbd oil will also help in reducing any inflammation caused by injuries or other reasons. CBD oil can also help individuals who are under great stress and anxiety, if they take regular doses of the oil. A large number of people are using CBD oil for treating their insomnia, since the cbd oil helps improve the quality of sleep, so that the person is refreshed.

Choosing CBD oil

Depending on the kind of health problem which is being treated, the right concentration of cbd oil is required. Usually the patient should start with a low dose of CBD oil, and increase it slowly till he gets the desired effect. Typically patients who are suffering from chronic pain, especially caused by terminal illnesses like cancer will require higher amounts of CBD oil to get the desired relief. Sensei supplies CBD oil in four different concentrations 500 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg and 5000 mg, which indicates the total CBD oil. The cost of the CBD oil will increase depending on the amount of CBD in the oil.

Using the cbd oil

While there are CBD capsules available, it will take some time for the capsules to get digested and CBD to enter the bloodstream. Hence many users prefer to purchase the tincture and place a few drops under their tongue. This ensures that the cbd oil will enter the bloodstream fast. Alternately a drop of cbd oil which is tasteless can be added to the food cooked. A fourteen day money back guarantee is offered on the cbd oil.